What Does The Spleen Do In The Body | Digestive System

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What Does The Spleen Do In The Body

What Does The Spleen Do In The Body | Digestive System:- The spleen has two main job functions. The two main job functions are a warehouse for the WBC the white blood cell army that helps give your body defense as well as it’s a recycling plant for old dead red blood cells.

Now, What is WBC’s so as mentioned before WBC’s are the white blood cells. Anytime your body gets sick and has what’s known as immune response. your body sends out these white blood cells to help fight.

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So what happens when these white blood cells are not really being used in this military fashion.

They kind of lounge around in the spleen and this is kind of their barracks their army base.

Spleen Function In Digestive System

Now the second thing that the spleen does it is a recycling plant for old red blood cells.
So every six days the body disposes of red blood cells.

Now, what red blood cells do in the body?

Well, they’re actually just little transporters little rafts that help transport oxygen to the rest of the body.
Now on these little rafts of red blood cells oxygen is transported with the hooks of what’s known as hemoglobin.

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So anytime you’re checking oxygenation you’re going to check hemoglobin inside the laboratory values.

But red blood cells just transport oxygen like little carrier trucks around the body.
So when these trucks are old and dead and useless after six days they go to the spleen to get digested.
They turn into Billy Reuben now Billy Reuben hops on the bile bus which is made by the liver and that is excreted out of the body.

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