What Does It Mean When You Throw Up Blood | Vomiting Blood

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What Does It Mean When You Throw Up Blood

What Does It Mean When You Throw Up Blood | Vomiting Blood:- The vomiting of blood is a medical emergency. It can be small, it can be large, and it can be associated with passing blood in the motion or passing a black motion. It is a medical emergency.

Anyone who has blood vomitings has to attend the emergency medical department immediately in the nearby hospital. 

The first principle of the patient is that one has to quantify the blood which is lost and also stabilization of the patients by giving the fluids and if required blood transfusions.

This vomiting of blood maybe because of a major two reasons. 

One is ulcer disease and the other is Varices because of Variceal bleeding because of a chronic liver disease that is cirrhosis of the liver. 

Blood In Vomit Should I See A Doctor? Symptoms

So once we stabilize the patient if required by giving any blood transfusions the endoscopy has to be done. Endoscopy is one of the advancements in the management of these cases of blood vomitings. By this endoscopy assessment, we not only diagnose the Varices nearly the reason for the blood vomiting. Either it is ulcer disease or Varices. After diagnosis depending on this thing endoscopically treatment we can be given which saves the life of a patient. 

If it is an ulcer bleed definitely endoscopically we can give a treatment sort of an equation or in clipping or in a banding if required for every cell bleeding. 

With this the most often more than 99% of the time the bleeding stops. After that nice and we had further evaluated the patient and observe for any recurrent bleeds. And once there is a patient once there is no recurrent bleeding and the patient gets stabilized it can be discharged. 

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But with a very cell bleeding one has to be in a follow-up because till eradication of Varices is done he may require the band legations which is routinely done with intervals of three to four weeks. 

Once the viruses are eradicated the risk of rebuilding is almost nil. But in spite of that those individuals within a very cell bleeding have to be a follow-up with regular intervals. 

Whereas if it is an ulcer disease was that take the treatment with the anti-Elsa regions and once the ulcer heals the risk of rebuilding is almost zero.

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