Upper Stomach Pain Immediately After Drinking Alcohol

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Upper Stomach Pain Immediately After Drinking Alcohol:- There are several causes of Stomach Pain after drinking alcohol.

It could be:-

  • Gallstone
  • Secondary to alcoholism
  • Secondary to viral infections
  • Cholesterol problems such as high practice right.

Why My Upper Stomach Pain Immediately After Drinking Alcohol

I had a patient recently, who started drinking alcohol after he has matrimonial issues. He said he was drinking about two bottles of whiskey every day he cool a six-pack every day. He must have been depressed that he has to do something like this.

What Happened To Him After Drinking Alcohol Every Day?

He started to develop severe pain in his stomach. probably in the upper portion of the stomach. The pain would go and radiate to the back, the pain was excruciating, he would say was 10 out of 10.

This was associated with nausea involving that was extractable he could not put anything down this hadn’t gone on for about three days. they decided to come into the hospital we checked him out for possible other causes of acute pancreatitis however we concluded it’s probably secondary to his excessive alcohol intake.

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He didn’t mention that he was an alcoholic in the past but he had been sober for about two years. but because of this episode that he had at home, they decided to drink alcohol again and he went into a downward spiral.

Eventually, he was doing much much better he advised him to stay off alcohol and he fully agreed. but again have to stress that pancreatitis can be very very dangerous every time you have an episode of pancreatitis you damage your pancreas that can lead to lots of complications.

Kidney Pain After Drinking Alcohol – Home Remedies

Local pancreatic complications are possible also you can also develop diabetes because the pancreas is the tissue from where you get your insulin. If you don’t have insulin then you develop diabetes. Not only that repeated infection of the pancreas can lead to infections and possible.

There is some evidence that possible pancreatic cancer also which is very very dangerous. Sometimes there are causes as you can avoid and sometimes it causes that you cannot avoid but if there is something that you can do that can prevent you from getting medical problems and diseases then you should try to avoid anything that can cause you harm.

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Some problems like high triglyceride you may have a family problem with that but you can control that with medication and diet. but this is so many of you coming in with pancreatitis who do not take their medications properly will not control their diet and their pancreas really gets damaged over the years.

Some people have gall stones that come down and block the depth of the pancreas and that can lead to inflammation of the pancreas and pancreatitis. so that can be picked up and that can be dealt with largely surgically. but in cases where it’s due to alcohol, it is definitely preventable. and prevention with all of these birds and the cure.

Stomach Pain Caused By Alcohol (Pancreatitis)

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