Upper Back Pain Between Shoulder Blades Relief – sharp stabbing

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Upper Back Pain Between Shoulder Blades Relief

Upper Back Pain Between Shoulder Blades Relief – sharp stabbing:– Well, today I’m going to teach you some back exercises to strengthen your spine. We’re going to be looking at two great middle-back exercises for your middle-back and two strengthening exercises for the lower back.

So let’s get started. If you’re prone to low back problems, (Upper Back Pain Between Shoulder Blades Relief ) if you use a pillow underneath your pelvis when you’re lying down it can relieve some pressure off of your lower back.

So, coming into lying down position with that pillow underneath my pelvis. Let us start with a push-back exercise. Now, this first exercise is for the middle-back. So strengthening those middle-back muscles.

Bring your arms down by your side, take your forehead down, and lengthen bring your shoulders back and down. Now when you do this exercise, you lift the arms and pull the shoulders back and down, so the shoulder blades come back and down together and then you release back down.

Pain Between Shoulder Blades When Breathing

So I’ll do the action so you can do it at home. It’s a lift and lengthens and back down. And again, lift and lengthen, and back down keeping the forehead down so that you don’t strain your neck. You can also add weights to these.

I’ve got a couple of one-kilo weights here, which is the same as two pounds. So we can actually do that exercise to strengthen the middle-back with the weights. Bring the weights down by your side again, forehead down. And again, pulling the shoulder {uncertain, timestamp: 1:32} down as you lift back, so pulling back and down.

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So it’s a really great strengthening exercise for that middle back. Again, pulling back, squeezing, and taking it down. So that’s our push-back exercise. The second exercise is also for the middle-back. This is a stop sign of exercise.

An excellent exercise to keep your upright posture nice and strong and keep the body nice and tall. Take your arms at right angles again your forehead stays down and it’s a lift and squeeze action, bringing the elbows really high wrists high, and back down. I like to breathe out with the lift up.

Back Pain Under Right Shoulder Blade

So, it’s a squeeze underneath the shoulder blades, and back down. If your shoulders are sore, you might find that makes things a little bit irritated. Bring your elbows back down close to your body.

Obviously, if any of these exercises cause you any discomfort, you stop them straight away. So once again, forehead down, lifting and squeezing, elbows and wrists as high as you can, and back down. So there are your two middle back exercises.

Let’s now move on to the lower back exercises. The first one is a back extension. This is a strengthening exercise for the lower back. Important that you don’t extend too far back. So, once again, the forehead is down so, a similar position for all these exercises.

Arms are low, and it’s a gentle extension, not too high. Pulling back and down through the shoulders, lifting the body, holding, and then slowly releasing. And again, lifting up, and slowly releasing. You can repeat up to ten of those repetitions those exercises, in a row.

Lifting up again, extending back slowly, and back and down, and have a break. Now, our final exercise is called the superman exercise. This particular exercise can be done on the hands and knees; I’m going to show you a lying down position.

Stretches For Upper Back Pain In Between Shoulder Blades

Arms out in front I’m taking my thumbs towards the ceiling. Once again my forehead’s going to go down. And I’m going to be gently activating my tummy muscles at the same time as doing the alternate arm and leg raise. So my forehead’s down.

Gently activating my tummy muscles so very gently drawing in the lower abdominal wall. Just tensing slightly, lifting the opposite arm and leg and down. And you can see that I’m not lifting too high. If I lift too high, I’ll hyper-extend my spine. Won’t be happy with my lower back.

So, it’s just a lift and holds, and down. And again, lift and hold, and down. And once again you could be doing up to ten repetitions a couple of times a day for that particular strength exercise. So there you have it, a couple of great little exercises. Two for the middle back and two for the lower back.

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