Top 12 Trending Videos Best Pimple Pop Ever Caught On Camera

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If you are here, that means you are among those people who are going wild for pimple-popping videos. It’s not just you, Half of the world has gone wild for pimple-popping videos, and those people are calling themselves “popoholics“.

People who upload their puss-filled videos are gaining huge followings, and YouTube is practically drowning in the goo for being squeezed from people’s bodies.

We have done a lot of research before providing this list to you people and we have picked up these videos by checking their comments and likes. If you like our work then don’t forget to comment with your thoughts below.

Some of these clips are not for the faint-hearted, and if you’re eating, I suggest you wait until after you’re done

Note:- You’ve seen the title of this article, so if it’s something you find gross to watch, we advise you to back out right now.

Top 12 Trending Best Pimple Popping Videos Ever

1. Blackhead Extracted At Home Video

Source: Pimple Popper

This video is on YouTube and it is 12:48 minutes long and has 7.3 million views with 22 thousand likes and 2,683 Comments.

In this video, you will see that it is not very satisfying because it is not done by a professional Dr. But I am sure you will love this because it has rawness in it.

2. Super Big Pimple Popping

Source: Kluna Tik VN

This video is on YouTube and it is 13:32 minutes long and has 4.5 million views with 24 thousand likes and 1,657 Comments.

In this video, you will see a much better job, technique, and overall extraction by these two ladies. This will surely satisfy you. and if this will not satisfy you, then our next video will surely do the work.

If you guys are interested in Boils On Buttocks Pictures then you can check out this link.

3. Best Pimple Popping Compilation Video

Source: Next LvL

This video is on YouTube and it is 16:44 minutes long and has 704 thousand views with 2.7 thousand likes and 167 Comments in just 4 months.

You will see every kind of pimple popping in this video with different methods. This is a compilation video, that’s why this is the most satisfying video you can ever get to watch. But I have many better videos than this one on this list.

4. Large Whiteheads Removal

Source: Kênh Mẹo Sức Khỏe HTV

This video is on YouTube and it is 09:58 minutes long and has 1.2 million views with 7.1 thousand likes and 2,700 Comments in just 3 months.

You can see from the likes and views of this video how much this video is being liked by people.

If you watch this entire video, you will notice something that I will not ruin for you now. Maybe you will feel a little disappointed but I am sure you will enjoy this video.

5. Treatment of Blackheads and Hidden Acne


This video is on YouTube and it is 32:09 minutes long and has 2.8 million views with 20 thousand likes and 1,364 Comments in just 3 months.

In this video, you will see the perfect work done by LOAN NGUYEN SPA NEW. Amazing variety of steatocystomas, and various sorts of cysts with little “beans” at the center.

6. 10 Satisfying Pimple Popping Videos In One

Source: Top 10 Archive

This video is on YouTube and it is 08:31 minutes long and has 6.7 million views with 40 thousand likes and 2,280 Comments.

I think this is the most perfect video for you if you are looking for the best pimple-popping videos.

There Are 3 Good Things About This Video

  • The good thing about this video is that this video has a collection of 10 satisfying videos you can watch in just 8 minutes.
  • The other good thing is that there is a host of this video who explains every single detail of the scene which is going on in the video.
  • And the last good thing about this video is that if you check out the description of this video, you will find the original videos link in there which videos are used in this video.

7. Blackhead Removal By Expert


This video is on YouTube and it is 16:16 minutes long and has 3.8 million views with an unknown number of likes and 5,122 Comments.

In this video, the cyst was so deep but the doctor who is handling this case was so pro at her work. She handled that cyst perfectly and that’s why this video is extremely satisfying to watch.

You will surely love every minute of this video. And at the end of this video, there was a tug-of-war between doc and sac. You will love it.

8. Ear Blackhead Extractions


This video is on YouTube and it is 07:40 minutes long and has 44 million views with 145 thousand likes and 2,766 Comments.

In this close-up video, you will see a blackhead explodes and a lot of pus coming out. This is the best thing you can see with this close if you are a popoholic.

9. Removal of Hidden Blackheads At Loan Nguyen


This video is on YouTube and it is 15:50 minutes long and has 1.6 million views with 12 thousand likes and 504 Comments.

In this video, you will see hidden blackheads removal by the famous dr. Loan Nguyen. She is very known for her pimple-popping videos on youtube.

She is one of the best pimple poppers and she makes every video so satisfying and relaxing that you will fall in love with her work.

Earlier I had listed another video on the spot of 9 but that video got taken down by youtube so I am providing you with another video.

I hope you will like this video too.

Rate this video out of 10 and leave your answer below in the comment section.

10. Neck Puff And Pop – Sack Extraction

Source: Dr. Sandra Lee (aka Dr. Pimple Popper)

This video is on YouTube and it is 12:35 minutes long and has 653 thousand views with 16 thousand likes and 376 Comments in just 2 weeks. Just imagine how well this video is doing.

This video is a work of art and I don’t think there is anyone who can dislike this video. In this video, you can see the dr. is operating on this cyst with too much caution and care.

She is performing surgery on this big neck cyst and she is really well-known dr. for her work.

11. Grossly Satisfying Pimple Popping Compilation Video

Source: DCA

This video is on YouTube and it is 16:42 minutes long and has 310 thousand views with 898 likes and 78 Comments.

Now, this video is also a compilation video, and many clips are taken from TikTok. This video is grossly satisfying to watch and you can see the variety of fluids that our body can produce in this single video.

12. Dr. Lee Pops Satisfying Back Cyst

Source: Dr. Sandra Lee (aka Dr. Pimple Popper)

This video is on YouTube and it is 03:27 minutes long and has 4.4 million views with 48 thousand likes and 1131 Comments.

In this video, you will see Dr. Sandra lee is operating pimple popping surgery very carefully. She is the best one out there when it comes to pimple-popping videos. She knows exactly what needed to be done.

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