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Whooping Cough Treatment In Babies & Adults (Pertussis)

Whooping Cough Treatment – How can we prevent babies from getting whooping cough?:- We can prevent babies from getting really, really severe whooping cough and prevent babies from dying from whooping cough by immunizing them.

Immunization can’t completely prevent a person from getting whooping cough, but it can make the disease much, much less severe and can certainly protect little wee babies.

But the key with immunization is to deliver those immunizations on time.

The whole reason we start our immunization schedule at six weeks of age rather than later is because of the need to get the whooping cough vaccine, and because it’s really in the first few months of life that little babies are so vulnerable to being killed by the whooping cough bug.

The other things that we can do to prevent little babies from getting whooping cough are present other people whom they come in contact with from being able to catch the infection themselves and spread it to the little babies.

So we provide booster immunizations to the tray and maintain immunity through childhood, and we’re now also recommending that those adolescent and adult groups who come in contact with little babies be immunized to try and prevent them from being able to spread the infection. 

What Is Whooping cough Or Pertussis?

Pertussis Or Whooping cough is a horrible disease that is particularly severe in little babies but is a disease that affects all age groups.

It’s a really, really infectious disease. And it’s a sneaky disease, in that it’s hard to diagnose, and it spreads quickly to other people before you know even the first person has it. 

Whooping Cough Vaccination For Adults & Babies

Whooping Cough Or Pertussis vaccination:- Whooping cough medical name which is pertussis. Whooping cough is a preventable disease.

In fact, the recommendation is to protect every infant against whooping cough with the well-known DTP vaccine and that vaccine has worked well for the past 50 years.

What we found out over the past ten to the twenty years however is that the protection from that early childhood vaccine can decrease over time.

That means that booster shots are an important part of protecting our communities against whooping cough.

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There’s a relatively new vaccine called the TDAP vaccine also safe and effective which is available for teens and adults.

It’s recommended for teens and adults to get this whooping cough booster shot at least every ten years.

In this month’s C. S. Children’s Hospital National Poll on Children’s Health, we asked adults across the country about what they think parents should do to help protect their newborns from whooping cough?

First of all, we found that 60 percent of adults across the country have no idea what their whooping cough vaccination status is.

We found that 72 percent of adults nationwide agree that parents should insist that visitors to the hospital when they have the newborn there, should have been updated in terms of their pertussis vaccination status.

In addition, we found that 61 percent of adults nationwide feel that parents should have the right to insist that visitors to their home for their newborn should have their pertussis vaccination up-to-date.

Overall then there’s strong public support for this idea that parents should have the ability and in fact the right to protect their newborns from pertussis illness, that’s in addition to whatever hospital policies may exist and hospitals do vary in what they recommend regarding pertussis vaccine.

But the important message is clear. Whether or not a hospital has a policy around whooping cough vaccine, parents have strong public support to have their own policies to protect their kids against this dread disease.

What Are The Signs Of Whooping Cough? Symptoms?

Symptoms Of Whooping Cough:- Whooping cough that people classically describe is an illness where you have a start off with just a normal cold, with sneezing and a runny nose and streaming eyes.

And then you start to develop a cough which becomes more prolonged and more persistent than the cough from most other infections.

So whereas many infections, for example, you’ll just have a few little coughs And cough and then stop. With whooping cough, the cough comes in long bursts.

And every time you cough, you cough a bit more of your air out.

So you have people with whooping cough who’ll go cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough- I mean, I can’t go on as long as they do, because I’d run out of breath myself.

But it’s a horrible illness that causes people to feel as though they can’t get enough air, and they just continue to cough to the point where they will sometimes vomit at the end of the cough or become so desperate for the air at the end of the cough that they’ll breathe in very, very quickly and make that whooping a noise as they breathe in really fast. 

What can happen to babies with whooping cough?

It’s a horrible disease. It still is one of the big killers of little babies in the world. Because our immunity to whooping cough is incomplete, little babies are much more vulnerable to whooping cough than many other infections.

It’s a cause of death of babies in New Zealand. If you’re under a year and you get whooping cough, you’ve got six chances in ten of being admitted to hospital.

If you’re under a year and you’re in the hospital with whooping cough, you’ve got one chance of ten of ending up in the intensive care unit.

And if you’re in the intensive care unit with whooping cough, you’ve got one chance in six of dying or being left with permanent brain or lung damage.

Pertussis Vaccination (Whooping Cough) Video

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