How to Stop Waking Up to Pee At Night | Frequent Urination

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How to Stop Waking Up to Pee At Night

How to Stop Waking Up to Pee At Night | Frequent Urination:- Don’t you just hate it when you wake up in the middle of the night to pee?

And does it just keep happening every single night? Here are five ways to make that problem stop. 

When you wake up to pee you probably don’t have enough of a hormone called antidiuretic hormone. 

A diuretic is something that makes you pee. So an antidiuretic hormone is something that stops you from peeing. That’s also called ADH

5 Ways To Stop Frequent Urination At Night | Home Remedies

1. ADH

One thing to note about ADH is that its part of your circadian rhythm. You’re supposed to make more at night to prevent you from getting up to pee while you’re sleeping. 

So circadian entrainment, establishing the circadian rhythm is key here. If you are sleeping radically different hours in the middle of the week as you are on the weekend you are hurting your circadian rhythm because you are not making your sleeping time consistent.

If you are trying to sleep consistently, but your sleeping behavior is erratic then you are also missing your circadian rhythm.

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So it’s very important to be sleeping at the same time every night or very close to the same time; even if that might not be the best thing for your social life or your work life you have to find a way to approximate getting consistent hours of sleep daily.

If you want everything to be optimized for sleep when you’re sleeping such as making the hormone that stops you from getting up to pee. 

2. Salt

Salt makes you make more of ADH, the antidiuretic hormone. So a little bit of salt before bed might help you.

I would start with, say, a quarter teaspoon, work your way up and keep going up on a nightly basis until you find some amount that seems to be helping. 

3. To make ADH, You need certain nutrients. 

The most important nutrients are copper, vitamin C, and zinc.

4. Moving past ADH now we can try to get deeper sleep. 

Some ways to help you get deeper sleep would be to take three to six grams of glycine on an empty stomach before bed, making sure that your room is as dark as possible, preferably blacked-out, and that you’re sleeping at a cool temperature.

It should be the coolest temperature that you can sleep at without waking up or not falling asleep because you feel uncomfortably cold.

In other words, maybe sixty degrees makes you uncomfortably cold but maybe 63, or 64, or 65 is comfortable enough with the covers on that you’re not irritated and annoyed at the cold.

If that’s the case then it is much better to sleep at 63, 64, or 65 than it is at 70 degrees. It might help for you to try a lower protein meal at the last meal of the day.

If you’re not sleeping deeply enough then that’s not something I would say you have to do, but it’s something you could try. 

5. You want to keep your stress levels low

That means eating enough total calories, because not eating enough is a form of stress in itself, and it means managing your other stress, your work life, your relationships, all your responsibilities, all those things need to be managed outside of your sleeping time in your daily life to maintain your stress levels low enough that you’re getting nice deep sleep.

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