Hair And Skin Changes During Menopause | Before & After

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Hair And Skin Changes During Menopause | Before & After :- Many women are concerned about skin and hair changes with menopause.
The skin is actually your largest organ of your body and when you go into menopause.
If you lose a significant amount of estrogen which at least half of women do that can really affect your skin and make it thinner and more delicate and lose some of the collagen support.

Changes During Menopause | Hair, Skin & physiological

Also there can be hair thinning that could accelerate part of it maybe genetics but when you lose estrogen there can be excess of hair shedding some of the things that women can do for basic skin and hair care is to keep the nutrition excellent getting enough of the vital nutrients from vitamin C, vitamin D, iron & zinc is very important.

Tips For Better Skin After Menopause

Biotin is a vitamin that can help support the skin and hair basic care of the skin becomes even more important as you get older and the skin gets thinner. It’s very important to have the right cleanser with the right pH.
Usually we prefer liquid cleansers as opposed to bar soaps as you get older.
You may notice that your skin is much more sensitive perfumes detergents substances makeup things that previously did not irritate or bother your skin.
You may be much more sensitive as the skin gets older.

Changes During Menopause

It doesn’t shed as easily so it’s very important to exfoliate. It’s also critical that you protect your skin daily 365 days a year.
You should use a Sun protection against UVA and UVB light specifically sunscreens like maroc cyl.
Some of these sunscreens also can function to protect the skin from UV light.
Also function as an luminizer to the skin it’s also very important as one gets older. In colder climates to moisturize there’s a number of good non-irritating concealers that can be helpful to put on the skin.
It’s very important that you have a good regular skin care regimen.

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