Foods That Promote Autophagy, Fasting Timeline

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Foods That Promote Autophagy:- There are a lot of different things that can actually encourage Autophagy within the body.  Now if you’re reading this blog you might have stumbled across it because you’re researching fasting or intermittent fasting. You want to learn about Autophagy but you might also be here simply because you’re curious about what Autophagy is in ways that you can improve it.

Foods That Promote Autophagy, Fasting Timeline

When Does Autophagy Peak

Autophagy is just the body’s way of implementing survival of the fittest basically stronger cells end up consuming the weaker cells and it ends up just kind of leading to the circle of life of cells inside your body okay so we’re gonna break down foods that are going to boost Autophagy whether you are fasting or not so if you’re not fasting these are foods that are still gonna help you out with Autophagy but if you are fasting they might even exacerbate the positive effects or positive results of you are fasting.
So first off let’s talk about what happens without Autophagy just at a surface level there’s actually three different kinds of Autophagy so basically on Autophagy gets activated upon different ways but the most common way that Autophagy is triggered is through the stimulation of what is called AMP protein kinase.

Foods That Promote Autophagy

AMP protein kinase is generated whenever we actually have to create energy from our own body from our own storage so let me just give you an example
Anytime you’re running out of carbohydrate stores and your body has to actually use its own sources of fat or its own stored glycogen it activates AMP.

It acts of AMPK so basically this AMPK is only activated when our body has to generate energy from itself so when you’re exercising or when you’re fasting or when you’re in a caloric deficit all these things that obviously make really good sense from a longevity perspective so when you’re fasting you have a high degree of AMPK that’s getting activated because you’re not eating when you’re working out of course you’re tapping into that so all these things that are good for our health right just general longevity.

I say that with a great result so while Autophagy is very complex so we can look at it in different ways this blog is not even gonna scratch the surface of the Autophagy.
Honestly i like to say that I know the body pretty well but even the world of on top and she goes far beyond what I could ever know this stuff is pretty extreme.

4  Foods That Promote Autophagy

If you’re fasting or not fasting and they’re gonna help stimulate autophagy through different mechanisms so let’s go ahead and start with number one

Green Tea
The main active ingredient is going to be EGCG epic alec addict and three gael eight which is very very very powerful when it comes down to autofit ji you see there’s a study that was actually published in the journal PLOS ONE okay and it found that green tea actually stimulated on toffee specifically in hepatic cells so meaning in the liver now this is very important we want liver cells to go through a process of on top of G because liver cells are under a lot of stress.

If we can stimulate good Autophagy and survival of the fittest there we can have a good healthy liver so what they found is it stimulated what’s called an auto fat chick flux this was basically just like it sounds it’s basically a flux of Autophagy that go into the area when this compound is ingested so EGCG literally causes basically a flux of Autophagy to occur now the interesting thing is it encourages lipid breakdown.

Foods That Promote Autophagy

Ginger is very good in your fashion because it’s got on your stomach but what about from the side I’m on Autophagy, you see there’s a component in ginger known as 6 sho goal it’s a weird word basically what it is is one of the more inactive ingredients of ginger it’s something that people don’t focus on as much but there was one particular study that did take a pretty big focus on 6 job so this study was published in the journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry and it took a look at the effects of this component of ginger.
The six show goal on non-small-cell lung cancers is pretty interesting so what they found is that it induced Autophagy cell death but not premature apoptosis what that means apoptosis is a premature cell death
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