Dull Pain Under Right Rib Cage Comes And Goes

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Dull Pain Under Right Rib Cage Comes And Goes

Dull Pain Under Right Rib Cage Comes And Goes:- Abdominal pain is a common problem for both children and adults. It is one of the most common reasons for emergency room visits.

Fortunately, abdominal pain is not serious in most instances and often resolves in a short period.
Most of us try to assess the cause of the pain by the way it feels. We describe it in many ways using terms such as Sharp, Dull, Burning, Throbbing and Gnawing.

However, trying to find the cause in this way is not very reliable or accurate. A more effective way to identify the possible cause of the pain is to isolate where the pain is located.

The abdomen can be divided by imaginary lines into four separate quadrants. This includes the right upper, left upper, right lower, and left lower quadrants.

Pain On Right Side Under Ribs Towards Back

We will only focus on the causes of pain emanating from the right side of the abdomen.
Most of the abdomen is occupied by the digestive organs. By knowing the specific organs that lie on the right side.
The task of identifying the cause of right-sided abdominal pain is made much easier.
let us first look at the right upper quadrant of the abdomen.

The largest organ in the upper right is the liver and specifically the right lobe of the liver. Underneath the liver lies the gallbladder along with its network of bile ducts.

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These ducts empty bile into the first part of the small intestine known as the duodenum.
Alongside it lies the head of the pancreas which extends to the left. Also on the right is the right bend of the colon known as the right colic flexure.

The transverse colon continues across the abdomen. Most of the central abdomen is occupied by the coils of the small intestine.
This continues into the large intestine starting from the cecum through the colon and then to the rectum which is located in the pelvis.

Right Upper Quadrant Pain Under Ribs

One of the important causes of right-side abdominal pain involves this elongated pouch known as the appendix. The appendix can become inflamed and this causes severe pain in the lower right quadrant of the abdomen. This condition is known as appendicitis and is a medical emergency.

A characteristic feature of appendicitis is that pain worsens when pressure is applied at a spot known as McBurney’s point. This is about 1/3 of the way between the upper part of the hip bone and the belly button.

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However diagnostic investigations may still need to be done to confirm appendicitis.
the causes of right flank pain also need to be considered with right-sided abdominal pain.
Kidney and urinary tract problems are a likely cause of right flank pain.

Lower Back Pain Left Side Above Hip

Women also need to consider gynecological causes of right flank pain. ranging from ovulation pain to conditions like polycystic ovarian syndrome. Ectopic pregnancy and pelvic inflammatory disease.
The kidneys are located high up in the abdomen.

It is positioned more towards the back of the abdominal cavity. therefore kidney and urinary tract problems are more likely to cause back pain and flank pain.

Another common source of abdominal pain is the abdominal wall. this often occurs with injury or strain. The abdominal wall is made up of the overlying skin muscles connective tissue an underlying fat. Any part of the wall can be the cause of right side abdominal pain.

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