Black Spot (stains) On Tooth | How To Remove “cavities”

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Black Stains On Teeth | Black Spot On Tooth

Black Spot (stains) On Tooth | How To Remove “cavities”:- Do you have Black Spot (stains) On Tooth ? Especially on the gum line or around the top of your teeth when you open your mouth and can’t get rid of it. So what are those black stains that are staining your teeth and cannot get rid of? 

Sometimes there could be superficial stains that are stained from coffee stains, tea stains, or berry stains, or red wine stains. All those kinds of things that could stain your teeth. 

It could also be if you have your child had some texture cycling then you have the greyish dark stains within your teeth. Which you call intrinsic stains and those things are very difficult to remove. In fact as almost impossible. 

Fix like Intrinsic stains where you go ahead and get them to polish up really easily. Now, these things you see here in these this photo Here are not coffee stains they’re not tea stains they’re not tetracycline stains. In fact, there are cavities. 

A lot of times people think that only have some stains. I can remove them. It doesn’t look good when they go to the dentist. They actually say those are cavities. 

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When the cavity’s get black around the gum line as you see in the picture above. We have a big issue because those areas around the gum lines are very difficult to treat because it’s right there in the gum line. Sometimes a decay could be quite deep when you lose a tooth even with this situation. So once you have a black stain make sure you really go to the dentist and get rid of it very quickly.

It could be just a flick & you are done or it could be a small filling. we don’t want to get this situation where it becomes a crown could be a root canal could be other things that could be staining your teeth. 

Having white teeth it’s always healthier. when you look at people with a smile they want to have white teeth or bright teeth so they smile. 

These situations usually don’t look very know to appeal to each one. sometimes this is also caused by the decay it’s also caused by dry mouth. If you have dry mouth you take a lot of medications. 

Dry mouth cost recessions. It also causes decay along the gum line. now if you’re a meth user you also could cost a lot of these issues along the gum line and birds out all these gum line surfaces of your teeth there it becomes decay. 

So there are multiple things that how do we prevent that. First of all, make sure you’re seeing the hygienist and getting teeth cleaned regularly. And get a check-up done at least twice a year. The dentist sees their patients regularly get those done and then you don’t have those two issues. 

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Make sure that if you have dry mouth, get some toothpaste that has a higher content tooth floor right to help to prevent that. 

Making sure you drink a lot of water. How much water do you need to drink basically? 8 to 10 to 12 cups order lieutenant depending on your weight, how big you are. I would take anywhere from 8 to 10 a day just get me hydrated. 

So that will help this lie. But sometimes even with that you still have dry mouth. They’re going to go and get other things as we talked about the higher flora content. There are other items other stuff on the market. 

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Do not suck on lemon drop because those have sugar in it and sugar will cause cavities. In fact, if you’re eating the last nak it could also stain. Because now you get the sticky surface of your teeth there and plaque and stuff get on to it. Then your teeth morning you get cavities very quickly. 

So those are a couple of tips you want to know. Make sure that you’re not doing and hopefully, you don’t get these kinds of black stains around the teeth.

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