Antibiotics For Ear Piercing Infection | How To Treat?

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Antibiotics For Ear Piercing Infection

Antibiotics For Ear Piercing Infection | How To Treat Ear Piercing Infection? :- How to clean your ears what to avoid and how to make your ear piercing as successful as possible.

I’m gonna be covering ear piercing cleaning because this can make the difference between a successful piercing and an unsuccessful piercing.

I’m gonna be sharing that with you. So let me first start by saying what not to clean your ears with. So things will avoid is alcohol peroxide and Neosporin.

I know a lot of people believe that they’re doing good for their ears because of all of our lives we haven’t told to clean our wounds and our cuts the things that hurt with alcohol peroxide and Neosporin.

But the truth is alcohol dries out your ear so your ear is going to start to flake up it might even become raw. same thing with peroxide.

When you’re applying peroxide think about it when you have a cut when you apply peroxide and even Neosporin to a cut you want that cut to heal.

It’s gonna scab up and try to heal. so imagine what you’re doing to a piercing that has an earring in it and you’re applying peroxide and us-born.

It’s gonna try to heal for piercing you don’t want that you want that hole to stay open.

How To Treat Ear Piercing Infection?

So that is why you don’t want to use alcohol peroxide. Neosporin I know a lot of people believe that they are doing good for their piercing but this can make your piercing unsuccessful.

Your ear is never gonna heal. So there are a few things that you can clean your ears with. either you can use antibacterial soap with water.

Do that about one or two times a day or you can use a skeptic solution that the piercing please gave you or you can use salt water.

There’s something called h2 ocean that is popular it comes in a spray bottle I’ll insert it right here and you can spray it on it makes it convenient especially when you have kids.

Because sometimes with antibacterial soap and the antiseptic solution it can get kind of messy so with the h2 ocean you just spray it on.
You could also put the antiseptic solution in a spray bottle if that makes it easier but those are the three main things you should be cleaning your ears with.

I’m not saying all of them pick one. with my piercings, I have found that the saltwater is the best for me but that’s just because I had very sensitive skin. oh and each to ocean saltwater h2o option same thing.

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So a few reminders when it comes to cleaning. Your ears always want to make sure that you are cleaning your hands before you touch your newly pierced ears. this is super important when it comes to your ears because we touched.

So many things throughout the day. you want to make sure that your hands are super clean.

The only time that you should be touching your piercing is when you’re cleaning it.

You don’t want to keep like turning it because you’re gonna irritate it you’re gonna you’re just playing with it too much and that’s gonna just create it to swell and it’s going to start to cause problems.

So leave it alone don’t touch it I know it’s tempting because you’re not used to it but don’t touch it.

When you’re cleaning your ears you want to make sure that you’re pushing the earring forward.

So that way you can get the hole you’re not getting the earring you want to get the actual hole.

How To Treat An Infected Ear Piercing Without It Closing

It’s very important especially if you have earrings that have like a flat surface that flat surface is covering the hole.

So you do have to get behind the actual earring and then you want to get the actual back of the hole as well making sure that the back is at the end.

So you can get behind the back hole hope that made sense you want to keep them in for a minimum of four weeks before you actually change your earrings and after that, you always want to keep something in your ears.

After the four to six weeks you can change your earrings but don’t leave your years without an earring.

Everyone is different when it comes to earrings this is not like a one shoe fits all type of situation. Everyone is different with piercings.

Some people can leave their ears without earrings for years and their ears will still be open other people.

I always used to say this but some people just have super healing powers and their ears just want to close up right away and then they have to get re-pierced.

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So everyone is different just always keep an earring in there at all times I always say the less you play with them the better.

You want to make sure that you’re not over cleaning your ears. Overcleaning could do just as much damage as I said.

Just use either saltwater in a septic solution or an antibacterial soap with water. One of those three things and one maybe two times a day in the morning when you brush your teeth and it when you brush theirs.

Home Remedy For Ear Piercing Infection

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