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8 Best Acne Food And Supplements To Improve Acne | Anti-Acne Diets:- The 8 best acne foods and supplements to help improve acne.

What foods you should and shouldn’t be eating. As there is so much conflicting information out there.

Like many people say I love chocolate and I don’t want to give it up for clear skin unless there is real evidence behind it.

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Don’t worry I’ll share with you my top acne diets in this article.

What Are The Eight Best Diet Tips To Stop Acne?

Low-GI Diet For Acne

Glycemic index GI is a measure of how slowly or quickly a food spikes your blood sugar levels.

A low GI diet consists of particular foods that slowly release blood sugar into the body.

This stops insulin from rushing into your blood which in turn reduces oil production and skin shooting that contribute to acne.

Foods that are known to be low GI include whole grains and starchy vegetables healthy fats like olive oil and nuts, Oatmeal, and raw fruits.

You can have high GI foods like chocolate occasionally.

Recent studies have shown an association between chocolate consumption and acne and so sadly chocolate should be avoided.

Avoiding Milk For Acne

They had been quite a few studies looking at Dairy and acne. Unfortunately, skim milk seems to worsen acne more so than whole milk.

This doesn’t apply to other dairies like yogurt or cheese. It has not understood why this is the case except that milk seems to help promote and Chilean secretion which worsens acne.

No Whey Protein For Acne

Similarly, research indicates that consuming whey protein which is milk-derived protein may be associated with acne.

And research this effect was more common in women. without current acne or who didn’t have family members with a history of acne.

Probiotics For Acne

There is some evidence that people who have acne also have changes in their natural gut flora or bugs that live in their gut.

Unfortunately, there is sufficient data to recommend probiotics for people with acne. I still recommend to my patients to eat probiotic foods like kombucha.

Omega-3 For Acne

For some reason and mega threes never quite make the cut even though it is recommended for so many different health problems.

There doesn’t seem to be enough data to recommend omega-3 supplements for acne.

I still recommend my acne patients to get it naturally through fish like salmon and mackerel or chia seeds.

Antioxidants For Acne

Green tea contains potent antioxidants and has been shown to possess powerful anti-inflammatory effects.

Research indicates green tea may be potentially helpful for acne patients in particular 1500 milligrams of green tea extract.

Zinc For Acne

One of the major disadvantages with zinc supplements is that it tends to be pretty harsh on your gut if you’ve ever taken it before.

Giving you quite an upset or sore stomach. The early research looked quite promising with zinc supplements for acne but now it is generally not recommended.

Again I suggest looking to get it from your diet and steered it’s very high thanks very high and oysters red meat and poultry.

Vitamin A For Acne

You would assume with so many medical skin treatments containing vitamin A.

Isotane isotretinoin and modified versions of vitamin A and so are not the same thing as vitamin A supplements itself.

Please don’t fall into the trap of taking vitamin A supplements as it can cause many health problems such as hypervitaminosis which is also known as vitamin toxicity in liver damage.

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