50+ Medical, Doctor & Nurse Pick Up Lines To Use In 2022

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Are you looking for pick-up lines to use on your crush, who is among the doctors, nurses, or medical students? If yes, you are at the perfect place.

I am going to share with you the best medical, doctor & nurse Pick Up Lines.

These pickup lines are collected by me and my teammates from various websites, videos, and blogs, and some of them are created by ourselves and many of them are tried and tested.

Medical Pick Up Lines

Am I Drowning? Because i feel like i need a CPR from you

Is that you? I don’t feel like I need to get rid of it.

You make my heartbeat like a drop of epinephrine.

Am I interested in you or is it just blood sugar?

Red blood, blue cyanosis, I buy tachycardia as soon as I think of you.

ICU in my dreams.

May I have your heat? He is showing hot today.

The way you ask me leaves me aphasic.

I just want to stab you from top to bottom, from right until we die.

You have to be my coronary artery because it’s covered in my heart.

If I said you had an opponent, would you continue to fight me?

You increase my dopamine levels.

Want to study anatomy?

Emphysema swells pink, bronchitis makes you blue, but no COPD makes me like you.

Do you have protein? Because you have a good role.

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She is organized and online. Even though we are separated, we are united in our own.

My love for you is so strong it will not be disappointed.

I can be an optician ‘because I can’t stop looking in your eyes.

I make you all Kluver-Bucy near you.

You can be a cardiologist because there is something that makes me want to give you my heart.

Do you drown because I feel I need to give you CPR?

It is the condition of my heart. Without you, even a defibrillator would not save me.

Do you have COPD? Because you take away my soul.

I wasn’t planning on every single technique, but it seemed good to me.

I hope that one day I will be your emergency person.

We should exchange our genetic information!

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Doctor Pick Up Lines

The temperature is so high after watching you that the temperature should be checked!

I think it hurts that we should be.

It must be a coronary artery because you are wrapped in my heart.

Are you my creature I think I need to get rid of you.

I do not think you will try me because there is no cure for love madness.

I had to cross my eyes because I can only master within you.

I want a specialist.

I fall a lot when you give me a mouth.

Another doctor is required because you were not charged for dating the patient.

Come to my office and take off my pants

I can tell you the 20 bones you gave me.

I can list all the causes of heart disease, but cannot tell why my heart feels so because of you.

You don’t look that way. You need vitamin “ME” a lot.

Spiritual means of transportation are often dangerous, but always keep in mind.

Do you want to have a doctor with me? Although you have to warn that you may lose.

By the way, I will show you the technique of removing clothes.

Are you flecainide I think your heart beats for me

Nurse Pick Up Lines

You’re too tall to fall in love with you.

I will be your male doctor tonight.

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I am a certified loving doctor. For years I played it.

From my sleep tonight, ICU

I have not eaten apples every day because I do not want to keep you.

You said that I should eat healthily, but I will just eat your sweet cheeks.

Make it fast! Take off the white dress. People do not realize that you are an angel!

I could not believe that the angels were real until I saw your smile.

Okay, you should not use any medicine that I know of. I will come again

Would you beat me if you did not take medicine on time?

So you are the one who saved my life in my dreams.

The clothes are so hot that I have to take them off.

Did we go to school together? I swear we had chemistry!

Important Note:

With these 50+ Pickup Lines, your pick up line research is no longer a threat!

Some of the writing may work for you or make someone laugh, but there is no result, you can go home knowing that someone made you laugh. Yum! Try cutting this picture today and find this professional doctor for you!

Now you are on your own. I have provided you with the best pickup lines so that you can score your goal. Please make sure to comment if you get any progress on impressing someone or even if you get a slap.

Some Of The Best Nurse Pick Up Lines

1. Am I Drowning? Because I feel like I need CPR from you
2. Is that you? I don’t feel like I need to get rid of it.
3. You make my heartbeat like a drop of epinephrine.
4. Am I interested in you or is it just blood sugar?
5. Red blood, blue cyanosis, I buy tachycardia as soon as I think of you.
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Do Pick Up Lines Really Works?

Yes, But not in the way you are thinking of. Pick up lines just help you to provide some attention faster and make your crush laugh. And you know if she or he laughs then you are going in the right direction.

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